Motorola MB7420 Review 2021: 16×4 Cable Modem 686 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0

Motorola MB7420 Review


When it comes to buying a cable modem, then we can’t forget Motorola Mb7420 Modem.

Yes, Motorola has done a great job making this excellent cable modem which comes with great features, specs.

A Modem which is almost certified and compatible with all leading modems on the market including Comcast Xfinity, Cox, spectrum, no other company is that good if compared to Motorola.

Let’s take a look at what we get with this excellent modem:

1. Features:

a. Speeds:

It provides up to 686Mbps because of DOCSIS 3.0. Everyone knows Docsis 3.0 is sixteen times faster than 2.0. It features capture digital tuner which ensures reliable internet with a faster speed.

b. Ethernet Ports:

Its Ethernet port (10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet) allows you to connect with HDTV, Computer and gaming station. You can also connect it to a wireless router as it has no router inbuilt.

c. Compatibility:

Motorola MB7420 is fully approved and compatible with all major brands like Comcast, Cox, Time Warner Cable Modem (Spectrum). With Comcast Xfinity, you get speeds up to 300Mbps for residential and 250Mbps for business.

d. Setup:

Setup is really fast and easy; you can quickly set it out with a few simple steps. Motorola company also provides USA based customer care support, and they have specialists to help you out.

e. Design:

If compared to its other models, MM7420 has an attractive and compact design. It suits well on all types of interior your home or office has.

f. Warranty:

It comes with two-years of warranty and 24/7 Motorola team’s support. You also get return policy if you purchase it from the biggest E-commerce Giant like Amazon or Walmart.

Here are some of the best Motorola mb7420 specs:

Mb7420 Modem comes in only one universal black color and weighs around 265 grams. If we talk about its dimensions (L x W x H), then it is (4.9 x 2 x 6.1 inches), and the series is Motorola MB7420-10.

Pros and Cons For this Motorola Mb7420:


    • It is Docsis 3.0 Compatible.
    • Certified with all major companies (Cox, Comcast, Charter Spectrum).
    • Easy and fast setup.
    • An attractive compact design.
    • It has power surge circuits.
    • You get brighter lights.
    • 24/7 customer support.


      • You can face stability issues sometimes.

Motorola mb7420 troubleshooting: How To Troubleshoot? Here are five steps you should follow:

Common issue:
When you’re not able to access the Internet?

You need to follow these five Simple Steps:

1. Mac Address: First, You have to make sure that Mac address of your modem is registered with the cable provider. You can quickly check MAC or RF MAC address on the modem’s label.

2. Hardware Issue: Check Your modem is connected correctly to the coaxial and Ethernet cable.
Sometimes this issue occurs because of loose cable connections, make sure cable connected tightly.

3. If your modem is connected to a wireless router, then check your wifi connectivity.

4. Now, you should power off your modem for 10 seconds and then turn on.

5. You also need to restart your computer and other devices which are connected to the modem. It ensures that your all connected devices are receiving a correct IP Address.

Motorola mb7420 firmware Update:

Actually, This part belongs to the internet service providers. The company provides a firmware update to the providers first. once it approved or gets 100% testing results, they push the update onto the modem of the customers through the coaxial cable.

Unfortunately, You can not update your modem’s firmware manually. For checking that your modem is using the latest version of the firmware then you need to power off your modem for about 10 to 15 seconds and then turn on.

when it restarts, your modem checks if it is running on the latest code of the firmware from ISPs. If it doesn’t have the latest code then it will automatically download its latest version.

Download Quick Start Guide here

Let’s see the differences: Motorola mb7420 vs. sb6183? Which is Best?

Performance wise, I couldn’t find any significant difference between these two modems, they both performed well or in other words, I found them robust and go-to modems.

Common Features & specs:

Here are some essential common Features you get while using these modems.

1. both are 3.0 Compatible.
2. You get speeds up to 686Mbps.
3. 16 Downstream Channels and 4 Upstream Channels.
4. Both have one LAN Port and one Coaxial port.
5. Both support Ipv4 and Ipv6. Where ipv6 is the latest standard.
6. Universal ISP Compatibility.
7. Approved by all us-based cable providers.
8. two years of Manufacturer warranty.

Now, some differences:

1. Price: Motorola Mb7420 is bit expensive or around 10 to 15 dollars difference. So, Arris surfboard sbg6183 is cheaper if compared to mb7420.

2. You get a little bit more Upstream Data Speed in Mb7420 than Arris. Mb7420 Provides 123Mbps where arris 100Mbps only. It is not a big difference but still a difference.

3. Another difference is Arris Surfboard sb6183 comes in white color whereas Mb7420 in black.

4. Weight, and Size

  1. Height: Arrish sb6183 surfboard’s height is 5 in, and height of Mb7420 is 6.1 inches.
  2. Width: Width of Sb6183 is 2 in and Mb7420 is 2.1 in.
  3. Depth: Mb7420 is 4.9 inches in Depth where Arris sb6183 is 5 Inches.
  4. Weight: Mb7420’s weight is 0.58Lbs where Sb6183’s weight is 0.9lbs.

Download Motorola mb7420 manual here 

Download Arris Surfboard sb6183 Manual here