Why is My Internet So Slow? Let’s Fix it Through 6 Simple Steps!

why is my internet so slow

Imagine your internet connection becoming slow out of the blue, in the middle of your favorite show or game; very annoying. There are lots of reasons why your Internet could unexpectedly become slow. Let’s take a look at the common ones.

Here’s Why Your Internet Is So Slow All of A Sudden

  1. Overheating can cause slow Internet
  2. Simultaneous Wi-Fi connections cause slow download speed
  3. The Location of your router can also make your Wi-Fi so slow
  4. Choosing the wrong Internet Plan can be responsible for slow internet speed
  5. Your Wi-Fi router might be outdated—Switching to a modern router can solve your slow Internet issue
  6. Using ‘Power Saving Mode’ can also be a solution for your slow internet connection

Give Your Router Some Time-out

It is normal for electric devices to perform less than expected if you use them continuously for over 24 hours. This is the same case with your Wi-Fi router. If you utilize it for extended periods, it could overheat and begin hanging because of the endless run hours.

This situation leads to multiple performance issues such as power cycling problems, wireless issues, and sluggish connections. Therefore, even though you need to utilize your Router for extended periods, remember to give it a break. Continuously overusing it will result in serious damages, which may render it useless in the end. Thus, it is vital to have the power cycling active. Here are a few tips I normally follow;

  • Switch off the Wi-Fi router from the mains cable to let it rest
  • I make sure to give it some rest for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Disconnect the Router’s power cable and unplug all the Router’s power supplies
  • When it cools down, it is now time for you to plug the power supplies back in and then turn it on.

These few tips come in handy in giving my Router a rest and which results in it delivering the speeds I expect. Even though there is a marginal change in your Router’s memory, it will be okay when it resets.

Lots of Users

At times your Wi-Fi router could be utilized by too many users, which could lead to your Internet slowing down. This is because of the wide variety of connected devices that use your Router’s bandwidth, thus reducing your Internet’s speed.

Typically browsing does not significantly affect the internet speed, lest a few more users are using the same Internet to do things like downloading multiple large files like movies or music simultaneously. This will significantly affect the bandwidth as well as the network, therefore reducing the internet speed.

If you share your network with roommates, friends, or family members, the best solution is to set a limit to their bandwidth by going to your Wi-Fi router’s setting and assigning a specific bandwidth to every device. You can do this by activating the QoS feature, limiting the bandwidth to a few, if not all, of the users and applications.

On the other hand, some routers do not have the Quality of Service feature. In this case, you could install 3rd party software if your Wi-Fi router supports it. The software will provide QoS.

Your Router’s Position

If you are far from the Router, it is understandable if the internet speed is slow. Additionally, this may impact the strength of the signal. Thus, if you’re having internet speed problems, this could be one of the contributing factors. The Router’s position may affect your Internet’s speed, and as a result, offer you reduced coverage.

To ensure that it functions as expected, you have to diagnose the Router properly, confirm the coverage it’s supposed to offer, and then check for obstacles such as doors and walls. The only way to find the ideal solution will be after diagnosing it correctly.

Clearly, the signal strength usually depends on the network capability of your Router. If it does not offer wide coverage, you cannot expect fast speeds if you’re far from it. Even when you are utilizing private or public Wi-Fi, the Router will not run at its maximum.

Thus, it is best to relocate it to a different position, typically closer to your working station. Also, you can place it in a location that’s central to your house. This allows you to cover the whole house with equally fast internet speed access. What’s more, you can place it closer to where you are using it, like the home office, bedroom or living room.

After doing all this and your internet speed is still slow, the other option is to buy a Wi-Fi extender. These are devices that work with the Router to extend the Router’s Wi-Fi coverage. Go for one with wide coverage and mesh-Wi-Fi system to get the best results.

The Router’s Speeds are not enough

After knowing the Mbps offered by your internet provider and the speed capacity of your Router, you should determine the speed you need. Whether you need fast speeds for gaming or 4k video streaming or regular speeds for browsing or checking your email, it is essential to find out the speeds you need and talk to your internet provider, who will offer you an upgrade. Also, make sure your Router can handle these fast speeds; otherwise, this won’t help.

Solving The Issue With the Router

Before you decide to switch your Router or even buy a new one, you can try to find a solution to this issue. Slow Internet is a common issue in many homes, and it could be due to several problems that can be easily fixed. Often, there may be an issue with the gadget, meaning that you will not have any more problems with the Router.

On the other hand, sometimes, the device may be a major issue for you. Its Wi-Fi module, the one you’re utilizing, maybe have a problem that will impact the Internet’s speed. If it still doesn’t work properly, it might not give you appropriate connections, and it won’t allow you to access the faster Internet speeds. Ensure you resolve it, and check to see if the speed is okay.

Power Saving Mode

This is a feature that is present in the best-performing Wi-Fi routers in the market. It is handy in making it perform better. It lets the router function with a stable action and then provides an adequate response to the network.

However, once enabled, the power saving mode limits the optimum capabilities of the Wi-Fi router. During this mode, the Router will be restricted to a few gadgets. Besides, the coverage may be restricted. To get the optimal performance, you have to disable this mode. If you didn’t know why your internet speed is suddenly slow, now you know!